One of the biggest home rental sites is AirBnb, with over 500,000 listings in more than 34,000 cities. Indeed, it is so famous nowadays, with not only several but also very diverse users! As such, it is important that it utilizes tools in assuring security, convenience and just mere ease to its renters and hosts. Here are the top five things we suggest every AirBnb host should get:

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1) Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide

Airbnb now asks every host if they have a smoke detector and CO detector. Might as well go for the top end here, it is not that much more expensive than a regular detector at Home Depot, but is has a lot more features. For homeowners who want to be at peace even while away from their rental places, the Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide is a perfect tool.

It is essentially a smoke detector that’s powered by WiFi, making you capable of preventing fire even when you’re not at your place. If there’s any form of alert, Nest Protect will not only alert you, but will also let you know the area with possible hazard. Alerts such as low battery are also known through your app. Indeed, this tool makes it possible for you to monitor your place and your guests’ safety no matter where you are.

2) August Smart Lock ($149)

The August Smart Lock is a modern-day innovation for keyless entrance to your home controlled by- guess what- your mobile device! It’s so simple and convenient. You just have to send a text message or you simply have to use your iphone app to lock or unlock the door. Proximity-sensed entry can also be utilized with the use of Bluetooth. If you can’t afford doorman service, this is definitely a practical alternative than can help Airbnb hosts!

3) eRentalLock – Hotel Quality Access Control – $369+

This is simply the best product I have found to control access to your rental. Basically they take a high quality lock keypad lock made by Schlage, then they swap out the circuit board for their own. This new circuitry lets you assign your guests temporary access codes, that expire exactly when their stay expires! Plus, guests can create their own code once they enter their assigned code, making it easy for them to get in and out of your place, UNTIL their code expires. Very cool. Even better, the lock doesn’t need any wifi or internet access, it just works. The downside is, once you issue a code you cannot re-activate it unless you connect the audit reader to the lock. But otherwise, for normal stays, this works fantastic and is worth the price!

4) SkyBell ($199)

For any Airbnb host, security is one of the top, if not the top, priorities. This is especially useful for those Airbnb hosts who only rent out rooms, not their entire place, but it could also work for anybody! Each time a stranger approaches your rental, it is best to have some form of surveillance. What we’re suggesting is Skybell – for a mere $199, it is a combination of an innovative doorbell and a security camera. With it, the owner can simply watch a video feed of the door through a mobile app. In fact, the owner can even speak to them through it. SkyBell also has a sensor that enables the owner to view a visitor in front of the house before they even push the doorbell.

5) An amazon Smart TV (plus a netflix account, if you like) $39.99

A Smart TV may be a good investment, especially when coupled with Netflix. More and more people are ditching cable, and can’t go anywhere without watching their favorite shows. So if you don’t have a smart TV already you can make your TV a smart TV for only $40! Its a great investment and something that more guests are looking for when making a booking.

For Airbnb hosts who want to offer great and luxurious service to their guests, including a Netflix subscription would be the cadillac option. This isn’t required, as many die hards would already have their own subscription, but for some people it may be their first time. Netflix allows guests to select whatever movie they’d like to watch, without TV commercials. There are also parental controls that may be beneficial to families who stay at your place.

So That wraps up our 5 ideas to make your airbnb listing stand out even more! Do you have any other ideas, let us know below in the comments!