Finding the Right Vacation Rental Website for your Vacation

Vacation rentals are becoming more and more popular these days. The problem, as a client, is that it can be hard to know where to look for the vacation rental for you. We’ve made things easier as we compiled the list of the top vacation rental websites:

1. Airbnb

Airbnb has more than a million properties around the world. It may easily be tagged as the largest rental site. It basically offers everything – from a couch to some random apartment, to a room with essentials – even castles!

While there are properties that are solely for vacation rentals, most of the listings are actually homes of people that they have rented out. Travelers can choose among an entire place, a room – either private or shared or as we mentioned, even a couch! There are tons of options in the website, which makes traveling so much easier for travelers.

Apart from all of this, the site also has some sort of social component, where the guests can review their hosts and vice versa. You can even link your Facebook account to the website.

Lastly, you can be assured because Airbnb doesn’t pay the host up until 24 hours upon check-in. And they will only do so if everything runs smoothly.


If you want to rent out a traditional private vacation home, is the site for you. Most of the listings here are from US and Europe – mostly France and Spain. As for these areas, the listings are pretty much all-encompassing – from big cities like Paris to small towns like Naples!

You will even have the option to filter your result by searching price ranges, dates and amenities that you’d like. You can post properties you like and review them later!


VRBO is created by the makers of It focuses on rental options in the States. It is oozing in choices from famous American getaways such as Palm Springs or Maui. The website has about 200,000 listings based on destinations – not by price. If you’re short on time, it may not be the best option as it is relatively time-consuming to scroll through each list for details.

4. OneFineStay

This website concentrates on upscale home rentals especially in upscale cities like New York, Paris, London and LA! The homes for rent often include Wi-Fi, an iPhone for internet and calls, welcome staff, toiletries, towels, linens and even a cleaning service. The staff will also provide you with recommendations on activities you can do in the city.

Each home is reviewed by members; from the site, you’ll find out a lot about the property, if children are allowed, if pets are allowed, what you can find in the neighborhood, as well as some other homes that are similar to the one you’re interested in. This website also has interesting options such as listings for short-notice, weekly picks, etc.


This site is owned by TripAdvisor. As such, the listings here are rated with TripAdvisor’s five-star reviews. Travelers get to list the pros and cons of the property and even have a short review of their stay.

The site has over 300,000 vacation homes in more than 10,000 cities in the world. The best part about this site is that each property has such detailed reviews, so travelers generally have a good picture with what to expect from the accommodation.

Regardless of which site you choose, with the increasing popularity of Vacation Rentals in the US and abroad, you are getting more and more choices everyday!