How to Create a Vacation Rental Property that Stands Out

Nowadays, the competition in the vacation rental property business has been more intense than ever. Essentially, there are just so many great properties out there! The question is, how do you stand out among all this? To specifically answer that, we have a list just for you.

1. Make sure your rental area is modern.

Most renters do not want to stay in a house that’s outdated, looking like something from decades gone by. Vacationers would want to have the same amenities that they would usually have in their homes. Furniture and appliances should be modern – not necessarily ostentatious but just clean and comfortable enough. Of course a hint of style wouldn’t hurt. In order to do this, you have an option to buy relatively pricier things (with assured quality) or you can opt to find good options in consignment shops! With the right amount of search, chances are you can find something pretty.

Some specific tips we have are putting slipcovers on your upholstery, to protect them and improve the look of older furniture. You can also choose darker colours or patterns as these can stand up to ravages of time (and dirt, and multiple guests). White and pastel colours may look clean and relaxing at the start, but they are not exactly sustainable as spills and stains will definitely happen

2. Give your guest the feeling of having a home away from home.

Apart from having a fairly good-looking rental place as the first item suggests, it would also be such a big plus to have a place that feels really like a home. The good news is this doesn’t need much expense. All you have to do is add some personal touches: photographs and paintings on the walls, vases for flowers (and perhaps some real flowers if you can easily access them, or fake ones if not), pillows on the couch, books and magazines, board games, cards and perhaps even tour guides if your vacation rental property is in a famous location.

3. Make sure your guests have modern amenities.

More than anything else, what you really want to give your guests is comfort. And the truth is, in this modern time, that also means high speed internet with wifi, cable, a high quality LCD TV (smart TV would be great) and even a DVD player. Landlines are not so necessary as they were before, as in the massive popularity of cellphones, but if you can afford to have them, that wouldn’t hurt to offer your guests free local calls. Some of them may be coming from overseas and won’t have access to a phone so it could be a nice touch as well.

4. Get a cleaning service.

Always remember that you do not just need a nice place for rental – you need a spotlessly clean place. So make sure you have cleaning service and a good one at that. Do not leave the hassle of cleaning up to your guests; hire a cleaner each time prior to the coming in of a new guest. Of course you can leave reminders of maintaining the cleanliness, but ultimately, the cleanliness of your property is up to you.

5. Screen your tenants.

Of course that sounds hostile to some, but this is your property we are talking about. You want renters that will enjoy but will not abuse your property. Be clear about your guidelines; consider things like how many guests are staying in the house, if they have pets, whether or not they smoke, etc. While doing this, you can also ask your guest what you think can make their stay even more comfortable, and if you are capable of providing it to them, do so. Many owners insist on a phone call with their guests before they complete the booking. Others allow guests to book first, but will give them a refund if it sounds like they are not a good fit. Either way, blindly accepting all guests is a recipe for trouble.

With these tips, you’re most definitely going to have return renters. And this is exactly what you should be eyeing for.