Do you have enough free time?

I know for myself, I’m usually running around like crazy.

And if you are managing your AirBnB or other rental listing, you are probably also doing 100 other things too.

But did you know that with VRFrontDesk, we can take the headache and hassle out of the experience of owning a vacation rental or AirBnB listing?


1. Get Your Time Back

One of the main benefits of using is that you get to recapture your valuable time.

The time you spend responding to guests inquiries, calling the cleaners, telling the guests how to get their keys, emailing thank you notes and more. It adds up quick.

You could easily spend 10-15 hours per month managing one unit, and thats is everything is going well! What happens if a pipe bursts or the cleaners don’t show up? Then it could be even more work.

VRFrontDesk will take care of all this for you, but you can still stay involved as much or as little as you like.



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2. Increase Your Earnings

Not every owner is aware, but AirBnB (and now VRBO and homeaway too) have a complex formula for what position your listing shows up as. VRBO even charges you more to show up closer to the top, in addition to measuring your response time, because they know the higher your listing ranks in the results, the more bookings you can get!

AirBnB is more like google, the higher quality the listing (as they determine), the higher it appears in search results. They want their users to have a good experience, so the hosts that provide that get ranked higher!

Simple, right?

However, there are some things that are a bit tricky. AirBnB measures your response rate down to the minute, so the quicker you respond, the better and the higher in the results your listing will appear, and the more bookings your will get.

However, it is really hard to always respond quickly. Everyone has to sleep, not to mention all the other things you have going on in your life.

VRFrontDesk can take care of this for you, and boost your results.

Since we are “always on”, we respond quickly to every request! 

Increase your response rate dramatically due to no slow responses because you were sleeping, at work, at the grocery store etc. Higher response rate = more bookings!


3. Reduce Your Stress Level

When I was running my Airbnb apartments on my own, I always had some stress in the back of my mind.

Especially when I was was traveling, or in a different time zone.

Or, when I was busy and I knew my guests were about to check in, and I just couldn’t be available because I had something important to do.

I was also worried that, if for some reason my guests had any issue at all and I wasn’t immediately reachable, I would get a bad review that would impact my listing for months to come! Thats a lot of stress.

There was always a concern that I would not be reachable if they had a problem finding the keys, or the cleaners didn’t do a good job.

Also, I would worry that I would miss a good booking inquiry that would go to somebody else, just because I couldn’t approve it in time.

With VRFrontDesk, we can take away your stress and worry level. We are always there to help the guest check in, call your cleaners, call a plumber, answer guest questions, whatever! And don’t worry, if there is an issue that needs your attention, we will let you know.

Never worry about not being reachable again. Take a vacation, go hiking where there is no cell signal, watch your children’s recital or soccer game in peace, we can handle it.

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